"Swashbuckling Figure... Excellent Acting."

-Charles Isherwood, New York Times


-Theatre Mania, Zachary Stewart 

"fiercely intense performance..."

-Baltimore Sun

"...First class performance...from Johnny Ramey"
"Ramey is just fabulous as Franco, juicy with a fully lived life, and jittery with potential."
-TIM TREANOR, DC Theater Scene

"Johnny Ramey, who reportedly stepped in at the last minute to play Franco, delivers a mesmerizing performance."
-SOPHIE GILBERT, Washingtonian

"Cue the life force! ...Johnny Ramey, a dynamo..."
"The Performances are the Treat"
-PETER MARKS, Washington Post

"Bright, Enterprising, and Charms the Audience..."

"Intriguingly are the double cast roles of Ethan... & Julius (Johnny Ramey)" 
​-Urban Excavations 

"Skillfully played..."
-Theater Is Easy 

"Ramey...is  fun to watch as he skillfully balances both characters."

​"Ramey...A very strong actor."

" Johnny Ramey effectively emphasizes Ethan's vulnerability and nicely differentiates both when he plays the ghost of Julius."


I'd love to look at myself as a good kid, that trouble easily found while growing up. My childhood was riddled with loss, and I reacted against that loss in any way I could. Trouble seemed to follow me for years. It was my comfort. 

The only thing, in my life, that could keep me focused, out of trouble, and keep my attention was Acting. I dove head first, nose open, with no protection into the craft. 

My family did not have what most friends had growing up, but I was stubborn enough to disregard that, and I listened to my inner Sagitarius... I explored. Right out of high school. I ventured to several countries with just a backpack, and a ticket. 

After some time doing this, a friend dared me to audition for Juilliard. I did so while living in San Francisco. At this point, my car was repossessed, I lived in a constantly flooded basement, and was flat broke & hungry. But, behold, I got in to a school I never truly heard of. I saw my ticket out. I escaped. I arrived!!

I arrived into NYC wild, raw, and with a chip on my shoulder the size of a Buick!!

This young black kid, who came from country settings, now lived in a world where most of my peers had everything... there's this saying "Don't believe in magic, Depend on it." Well, I depended on magic to mold me into the artist I am today.

I'm a Man, I can't fear God, i'm a Director, Actor, Musician, Acting Coach, Artist, Lover, brother, & son.

This is a testament of my sheer will to succeed, and buck the status-quo of contentment. I'm alive, and have an insatiable hunger for truth in all forms.

My Story


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