"...so honest and generous with your knowledge..."                                       -Samantha Hardgrave

"...you really gave me so many tools I can use."

-Becky Ho

"How awesome it was to work with you. An acting coach who can always help you get to that truthful place is an invaluable thing. I sincerely thank you for that."

-Zachary Denman


This reel comprises of my time spent coaching throughout Australia (www.joiponbroadway.com), working with hundreds of very talented actors, singers, and dancers. I offer over a decade of acting coaching and teaching experience. Heading an arts after school program, was my first introduction into coaching all artist. Slowly, I gained more skills while under Ronnie Washington in San Francisco, and later, at THE JUILLIARD SCHOOL of the ARTS in NYC. I've coached throughout the world, and acquired many skills in the process. National Theater of China-Beijing, Cal-Arts, Snow College, JOIP Australia, ASTEP, YMCA, FUSD were a few of my coaching & teaching grounds.